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Lokkilinna on jälleen mukana heinäkuussa järjestettävässä Kalajoen irkkufestari Irish Hooleyssa!

Luvassa on musiikkia, tanssia, laulua ja aitoa kelttihulinaa Hiekkasärkkien ravintoloissa ja kahviloissa. 

Lokkilinnassa tapahtumapäivät ovat perjantai 7.7 ja lauantai 8.7. 





Songs from the seas! A warm and touching group has chosen nice songs and tunes

where the sea is sensed all the time. Lokkilinna, such a lovely place for this with

the stunning view to the beach!


16.15 OIGG A Group from​ ​Haapavesi and Nivala has already a long tradition in playing

together irish music. Influences, they say,  come from Lunasan, Buillen and Frankie Gaivin!

Band welcomes you to hear reels and jigs and  nice celtic harmony-singing.



16.00 THE BRIGHID BAND A brand new group from Rovaniemi will bring fresh breezes

for irish music with influences from America. Ladys Riitta and Maija have  gathered a special

new band with loved irish music-course-teacher and multi-instrumentalist Niilo from Tampere.


16.45 VIENTO DEL NORTE Noelia is a celtic-music-lover who studies in Finland.

We bring an impressive guitar-player Conzales to accompany her sweet singing. 


17.15 CELTIC SPIRIT IRISH DANCERS "Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathng!

It is the rhytm of your life! Expression of time  and movement”

This dance show is definitely not to be missed!